General Access


Funeven Ltd has an extensive network of shared ducts on the estate. These are in use by a number of parties and further ducts are available to lease.

Different access procedures apply depending on whether ducts are owned or part of the Funeven joint trench network.

For normal access procedures, please click on the link below:

General Access

Emergency Access


Procedures are in place for emergency access. These procedures are only to be used in an emergency and after office hours. Office hours are 09.00 - 17.30, Monday to Friday.

For emergency access procedures, please click on the link below:

Emergency Access

Joint trench security

Special procedures for arranging access for telecom suppliers using the Funeven joint trench ducts apply. These procedures are only to be used to arrange access to the secured ducts, and are set out below.

Routine / planned works

Access can be arranged by contacting the Management Office on 0207 544 1952

Procedure for accessing the Joint trench ducts

In advance of any access being granted for work on the estate, the Telecoms Supplier must have registered with Funeven by supplying the names and contact details of 2 (no.) authorised persons who can arrange access. These details will be held on file in the management office for reference. Any changes to these details should be notified to Funeven Management as soon as reasonable practical.

On arrival at the security access barrier to the Funeven Estate the details will be checked with the corresponding email which will have been sent to security by the Funeven management office. Security will then accompany the engineer to the relevant boxes/chambers to allow the engineer to unlock the chambers; security will then return the keys to the security hut. On completion of the works the engineer will contact security by telephone on 0207 515 1792 to witness the re-securing of the chamber.

Access Enquiry form

The Funeven Site has CCTV surveillance, ANPR and 24/7 security staffing and patrols. All steps of this procedure will be entered into the security log book for our records. No Civil works or works that could result in a road closure or obstruction can be arranged or agreed by security. All such works must be by arrangement with Funeven Estate Management.

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