About funeven

The Company aims to ensure that the estate is in good and safe condition, has sufficient resources to meet its obligations and to do so economically and prudently. It also aims to make continual improvements to the estate for the benefit of its stakeholders.

Funeven also provides capacity in the roads and pavements for the installation of fiber ducts to facilitate connectivity to the tenants, especially Telehouse Europe and Global Switch.

Funeven is a private limited company, Registered Number 3419103. 






Board of directors

The directors meet formally once a quarter, and along with it's supervisory role in ensuring that the Company is being manged effectively and professionally, the Board also evolves strategy and retains control over all significant decision making. On a daily basis, the business is managed through managing agents and other professionals who report and are directed by, the CEO.

Company Secretary and CEO

Barney Bannington FCA, C.Dir. Chief Executive Officer

Barney joined the Company on its formation in 1998 and has acted in an executive capacity since then. 

Non executive directors

  • James Lasalle

    James joined the board in 2017 and is Associate Director – Finance at LaSalle Investment Management who are the owners of the Republic – EID site.

  • Suzanne Lee

    Suzanne joined the board in October 2016 as a Telehouse nominated director. Suzanne is Finance Director at Telehouse.

  • Masaki Watanabe

    Mac Watanabe joined the board in October 2016 as a Telehouse nominated director.

  • John Stevenson

    John joined the board in 2015 representing the interests of Global Switch. As Managing Director of Global Switch Docklands, John is well placed to add to the Board’s effective management and supervisory function.

  • Robert Wolstenholme

    Robert joined the Board in 2015 following the acquisition of the EID Limited by Lasalle. Robert is the managing Director of Trilogy which is responsible for the redevelopment of the EID site. Robert has considerable experience in site development and this will be an invaluable asset for the Company in ensuring that the Funeven estate can improve to the benefit of its occupants, as well as attracting business and customers.