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Are you a Customer or Contractor?

All access requests made by Telecoms companies, must be made by email from a member of your authorised team. The authorised list held by Funeven must be kept updated by your company.

Please see the procedures required from all contractors/telecoms companies requesting access to cable chambers on the Funeven Estate. These details are required for security purposes and will be issued to the Funeven security team when access is granted.



Emergency access

This procedure is only to be used in an emergency and after office hours. Office hours are 09.00 - 17.30, Monday to Friday.

Existing Ducts

install additional equipment

If you wish to add to your existing equipment, a new wayleave agreement will be required. In order to check whether a new installation is feasible (other than in the joint trench) please contact Rafe Staples.

Rafe Staples

Wayleaves Facilitator