Funeven owns and manages ducts which have been installed under all the roads on the estate

Capacity exists for clients to install fibre using quarter, half or whole ducts under our standard terms and conditions. Agreement terms normally provide for 10 year agreements, with indexation every third year; clients will also be granted rights to continuation after the term subject to agreeing new terms and conditions.

There is also limited capacity for bespoke installation of carrier owned ducts.

For all enquiries for a new wayleave for fibre ducts within the estate, please contact:

Rafe Staples

Wayleaves Facilitator

Joint Trench (Multi-duct and Individual) Wayleaves Pricing

Funeven operates a transparent policy of wayleave pricing. We aim to make consistent charges to all Telecoms Operators for access to the site.

The Funeven Estate has an extensive duct network covering Saffron Avenue, Oregano Drive, Nutmeg Lane, Sorrel Lane and Coriander Avenue, and ducts are immediately available to let within this multi-duct system. Funeven encourages all parties to use the Joint Trench system, wherever possible, to avoid further disruption on the Estate; however, short lengths to access duct chambers will be permitted subject to appropriate agreements. Funeven has set standard charges as below.

1. standard wayleaves

Charges are based on metres of duct and also per access chamber. Please contact Rafe Staples at Powis Hughes for current rates.

2. Multi-Duct/Joint Trench System

Ducts are available within the various Multi-Duct systems on a variety of bases. The standard agreement is for a period of 15 years (with breaks).

The prices are the same whether the entire system is used, or only one section. The rent is not adjusted per metre of use. There are 3 duct systems as follows:

  1. Tom: This 20 duct system covers Saffron Avenue and Nutmeg Lane
  2. Dick: This 20 duct system covers Rosemary Drive and Coriander Avenue
  3. Harry: This 12 duct system covers Oregano Drive and Sorrel Lane

For details of pricing, please contact rafe Staples at Powis Hughes.

There are no initial charges but Telecoms Companies are expected to meet Funeven’s reasonable professional and legal fees.

Procedure to Obtain Access to the Estate to Install Telecoms Apparatus

  1. An Initial Proposals Plan should be sent to the Telecommunications Agents, Powis Hughes & Associates.
  2. Heads of Terms will then be sent out by Powis Hughes & Associates. On agreement of those Heads of Terms, solicitors will be instructed to release draft documents. The Plans, Method Statements and Risk Assessments will need to be approved by Funeven’s Engineers, Ralph T King & Partners, and will be appended to the Wayleave Agreement.

Access will be allowed following completion of the appropriate Wayleave documents and payment of the sums reserved. Access to the Estate is controlled by the Managing Agents, Savills. No access will be allowed until legal documents are in place. Future access requirements will be managed by Savills in accordance with the Funeven Site Regulations. The site has a permanent security staff and access by your contractors will be refused without proper authorisation and prior approval, except in the case of an emergency (for which an appropriate management charge may be made).

Professional Fees

Telecoms Companies are expected to meet their own professional fees and to meet Funeven’s reasonable professional fees including Lawyers, Engineers, Solicitors, Managing Agents and any disbursements. A small additional fee is charged for the maintenance of our CAD plans to include as laid drawings.

Deposit Agreements

Funeven no longer requires Deposit Agreements for the reinstatement of roadways and, instead, will rely upon your Standard Contractor’s Warranty to reinstate any damage.

Method Statement Standard Rules

There are certain Standard Rules on the Estate set by Ralph T King & Partners, Funeven's Engineers, and these are as follows.

As part of any new access agreement, Funeven requests that all duct covers are clearly labelled and all cables within any Joint Trench systems are clearly labelled with a metal tag at every joint chamber. Telecoms Companies retain responsibility for the maintenance of any chambers and covers. The Managing Agents will endeavour to inform the owners where remedial works are required. Funeven now requires all roadway lids to be of the cast iron type rather than the pavior infill.